Skincare Routine | 2017

Skin care routines are tricky. So much goes into finding the right product that works for you - from diagnosing your correct skin type to figuring out your PH balance and hormones might effect acne.

Skin has never been an easy thing for me because I’m consistently inconsistent with it. I’m a pretty busy person on the regular and being a student, young, a blogger, and an avid club goer/beer drinker taking care of my skin is never top priority. However, I do manage to keep a simple and fast working system that ACTUALLY works.

This is not a skincare routine with pretty pink bottles and nice smelling cleansers or silver mud masks. The following skincare products work. (For me) And I hope that some of these products will work for you too.

Disclaimer: My skin is far from perfect but when I use these products I can see a noticeable change and large improvements.

I strongly recommend product #3 if that’s the only product you pick up. All of these products are, however #3 is on that whole other level of getting A1 skin (aka: clear, soft, skin). It’s a Canadian brand too! | | | Click --> Follow my blog with Bloglovin!


Marcelle | Dermatologist Tested | Hypoallergenic | Anti Aging Skin Care Gift Set

Recently got this for Christmas and have so far been pretty impressed with how easy this system is to use. Essentially, you have a "Cleansing Milk" which is basically what you can call a cleanser. I love how the cleansing milk hydrates my oily - combination skin. It reminds me of Asian beauty products and is definitely my favourite product from this set.

Next, in the round silver bottles, are two moisturizers for day & night. I wasn't too impressed with these as I have another moisturizer (#4) that does the job better. I would however say that these moisturizers are SUPER hydrating and would work best for normal - dry skin. A trick I do to use moisturizers that are too moisturizing for my skin is to use them as night creams. That way your skin soaks in all the délicious nutrients overnight while making sure you wake up fresh, soft and not oily.

The other two liquid bottles are: toner lotion and a small sample makeup remover concoction. Tonifying lotions are basically the same product regardless of the brand. I personally use either this Marcelle Tonifying Lotion or the Clinique Toner Lotion.

One tip that skin care experts might not recommend but I will is - if you are too lazy or just got back from a night on the town - use a toner with a cotton pad and swipe away all your impurities/makeup. This will lessen the chances of you waking up with a huge zit and will make you look less like a zombie the next morning.


Philosophy | Award Winning | All in One Cleanser | Natural

I talked about this on a recent IG post (osheorifa) but it's works like a dream for removing impurities. Definitely one of the top products on my list. I actually found about this product on a volunteer trip in Florida by a friend. If you're reading this Candice, great job haha.

You only need a tiny (TINY) bit of this product for it to do its magic. Besides the special and life changing Vasanti Exfoliator I talk about below, this product is up there for me. It just makes skin feel so clean and fresh. Almost as good as microdermabrasion at Gentle Touch - for more than half the cost.

I use this on a weekly not daily basis! I find that it can be a bit too much if this was my daily cleanser so I try to switch it up and use the Marcelle cleanser or the Vasanti.


Vasanti | Canadian Company | Microderm Crystals | Top Recommendation

The best is not for last in this case, but actually #3. This Vasanti cleanser/exfoliator is THE BEST product I have used on my face for skincare. I stumbled on this product during frosh week at my first year going to Dalhousie University. A gorgeous, clear skinned, young girl who worked for the drugstore Lawtons put me on this product. You know this sh*t works when I get a free sample and actually go back to get the full bottle.

I recommend this product because it truly is the definition of "All in One". It can be used as your weekly exfoliator thanks to its small beads or as a full on day to day cleanser. I do the later. It instantly cleared up my skin, manages any bad acne, freshens up my face etc. Highly recommend!

If it doesn't work for you (I'm sorry) but I've recommended this to a few close friends in the know and they're get on that!


Clinique | Dermatologist Tested | Great for Oily Skin | Cooling Gel

Now, if you have oily - combination skin you understand the struggle of moisturizers. Finding moizturizers that won't break you out, aren't creating more oil or way too heavy is a struggle. This Clinique Dramatically Different Mositurizing Gel is simply great. It hydrates your skin with a cooling gel that drys into your skin fast - perfect for applying before makeup!

I hope you enjoyed and comment down below how you found these products/if you went out and tried them. | Have a great day sweethearts xo


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