Five Best Highlighters | 2017

I always get asked what highlighter I have on. Here's the blog post to match my reply!

1. Becca Cosmetics "Prosecco Pop"

This is totally the darker complexion counterpart to the infamous champagne pop. If you're of lighter skin tone I think this highlight will also look great just be careful not to be too heavy handed. It's a cool toned gold shimmer.

2. Mac's "Soft & Gentle"

This highlighter can be a bit ashy on darker skin tones but on mine it just passes the 'okay' mark. It's a great highlighter, highly pigmented and velvety textured.

3. RK by Kiss "All Over Glow Bronzing Powder: Bronze Glow"

This is my most recent highlighter and the one that seems to get the most attention when I wear it. It compliments darker/olive skin tones perfectly and I highly recommend it - if you can find it. I got mine from a black beauty supply store. It's incredibly cheap and although you need a lot of product on your brush it will give you that Instagram glow you've been wanting. Don't believe me? Check out my Instagram and spot the highlight!

4. Makeup Forever "Gold" EyeShadow

I sometime's like to experiment with my makeup and one day I decided to use this Makeup Forever eyeshadow as a highlighter - and it worked!! Looks amazing on a day to day basis and buildable for a night out too.

5. NYX Pigments "20"

Now this isn't quite a highlighter but I had to put it on the list. I went into the NYX store at a mall in Mississauga, ON during the Christmas break and saw this beautiful trick. A girl in the store was wearing this silver pigment on the high points of her cheekbones - as if it were a highlighter!! It looked so fascinating and pretty (almost like stardust) so I bought the pigment that day and have been loving it ever since. I'm still looking for the best way to apply this product as it has an ashy sheen if applied too heavily. But on lighter skin tones this won't be an issue at all. For now, I recommend you apply it with a light hand and a pointed/blending crease brush. | Have a great day sweethearts xo


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