Best Nail Salons in Halifax, NS | 2017

I LOVE getting my nails done. Here are a few places in Halifax, Nova Scotia that I have been too and liked the end result:

| Silver Chrome Nails in the picture above from Lee's Nails |

Lee's Nails

Now this place is my go to for nails in Halifax. There's something about this salon that reminds me of the cheaper, easier nail salon services in Toronto and Mississauga (where I grew up). Now, lots of people don't like the place because of the service which is understandable. I don't recommend going to anyone else here except Tony! Ask for Tony and say Oshe sent you and you're in great hands darling.

Lee's Nails is quick, affordable and gets the job done. This is not the place to go for a relaxing nail spa day with the girls - more of those coming up on the list.

Su Nails & Spa

I'm pretty sure Su's is the #1 rated nail place onYelp right now. It's a great spa for a relaxing nail experience. It is a tad classier than you're average nail joint so I would recommend coming here if the quality of nails is as important to you as the service! A little more on the $$ side.

Gentle Touch

Now I adoré gentle touch! The staff are friendly, energetic, polite, professional and completely welcoming. I haven't yet gotten my nails done from them but I've been going to this laser spa for years now and through my great experiences with laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, facials etc. and seeing other clients get their nails done I know this place is one of the best in Halifax.

I highly recommend this if you're booking a little pampering session with your girls or looking to pamper yourself. It's not the kind of place to get acrylic nails/falsies but if you want that classy shellac, polished look - go here.

| Have a great day sweethearts xo


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