Five DIY Glam & Modern Decor (under $10) For Your Home/Apartment | 2017

Lot's of you have been asking me about the cute decor pieces that you see in my Instagram Stories! They are so easy (and cheap) to recreate!

I thought up these ideas as I went, sort of envisioning the most asked about pieces in my apartment. They're absolutely perfect to glam up any dull space - be it a home, apartment, or room. Have fun with it ladies! -- and gents ;)

1 The Candy/Chip Jar

| Jars bought from Dollerama ($2)

| Bought from Shoppers Drug Mart (Délicious)

This first decor piece is a candy/chip jar! I was browsing the new dollarstore in Parklane mall and saw these cute large jars! I chose to fill them up with Cheetos and Caramel popcorn but I'm sure this would look extravagant with candy, chips, chocolate or whatever your guilty pleasure might be!

2 Classy & Glam Flower Arrangement

| Faux White Roses from Dollerama $1

| Square Glass Vase From Dollerama

| Cut the rose stems to fit into the glass jar! Wire is a little tough to cut but manageable

| Measure the rose lengths if you want. As you can see, mine are not even but still turned out great

Again, I got this idea by walking down the aisle of my local dollerstore. I've been seeing this trend of white roses in square glass pots everywhere but didn't want to spend the money to get them! This is perfect since it's super inexpensive (in total this DIY cost about $5), requires no actual upkeep (they're fake) AND it looks fabulous in my apartment!

3 Assorted/Unmatching Picture Frames

| Silver Picture Frame on the T.V Stand from Dollerama

This is a great way to make your space more unique! I love collecting new frames to put it up on my wall. Recently, I bought the silver frame (see first picture) from dollerama. The quality is perfect and I can't wait to put it up.

4 Fashion & Beauty Inspo Mood Board

This is a great DIY for people who love mood boards, and gain inspiration from photos and fashion icons. This DIY can be free too if you get cool magazines in the mail like GlowI!

5 Cereal Dispenser

| Amazon click here

This is not from the dollerstore (surprise!) it's from Amazon. This is a tad bit pricey for the list ($40ish dollars) however, I highly recommend making this investment.

It's been a staple piece in my apartment and not only is it functional but I've gotten tons of compliments about it. You can choose to put anything you like in these dispensers - from cereal to smarties. I just chose fruit loops because they add a bit of vibrant colour and it's my favourite cereal.

Hope you enjoyed & got some décor inspiration!

Let me know if you try any of these out ~ xoxo


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