Drugstore Skincare: Face Masks Review | 2017

L'oreal | 3 Mineral Pure Clay Mask | Mattifying

This L'oreal mineral clay mask is amazing! It was a tad more expensive then the other masks in this review however it was completely worth it. The price also reflects the multiple uses you can get with this clay.

It works like any normal clay mask! You simply apply to a clean face with your hands or a paint brush - making sure to avoid the eye area. You leave it on for 10 or so minutes and BOOM it works.

The clay delivered. It was not only mattifying (especially for my oily skin) it drastically cleared up any active acne I had and made my skin so much smoother.

The eucalyptus, accentuated the matte effects while keeping my skin fresh and clean. I would definitely use this product again and have already recommended it to a few close friends who asked about it. Worth looking out for the next time you visit the drugstore.

Maska | Skin Collagen Gel Mask | Glowy Skin

This is Maska's rejuve skincare line. I've always been interested in collagen masks but never could afford some of the ones offered at spas. This skin rejuvenating gel face mask was by far my most excited product of the four to try.

Essentially, this mask came with 2 makeup remover/dual cleanser pads that would need to be applied first.

The mask itself, is what it says - gel. It's very sticky in a cool way. The instructions are to leave it on for 20 minutes or so. I thought the mask was very skin energizing! It gave lots glow and color back to my skin. The mask can be reused in that same week if left refrigerated.

The ingredients listed were great for your skin (shea butter, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and salicylic acid). It smelled amazing (envision rose water scents) with a good refreshing feel when placed on the skin.

Opening this mask was fairly messy, so be careful with it! The mask may look fragile but it most likely will not tear so no need to worry about that.

Overall, a good mask that had noticeable results after one use. This is however, definitely a mask that needs to be used for two or so weeks to get it's greatest impact on your skin. I would definitely use it again (especially given its rather cheap price).

Vichy | Purifying Clay Mask | Pore Free Skin

Vichy is a great drugstore skincare brand that offers a myriad of really great sample masks to try. The lady behind the counter told me this was her favorite mask and worked brilliantly for her oil & acne prone skin. I decided to take her up on that and bought this two sample clay mask.

The mask can be applied with either your hands or a paint brush and left on the skin for a few minutes and then rinsed off. I noticed that after my skin was lacking a lot of moisture so I don't recommend this mask to dry skin types. However, oily skin types or combination will appreciate the drying and clean effect.

This wasn't exactly 10 stars but it was very cheap and did minimize my pores. If you're in a hurry and don't want to commit to a bigger bottle (such as the L'oreal clay mask) then this is the mask to try.

They have an extensive product line with similarly cheap masks that all worked in different ways! I definitely would be open to trying another mask!

Montagne Jeunesse | Morning After Scrub Charcoal Mask | Smooth Skin

On my search for masks to try out and review I found that masks marketed towards men were significantly cheaper than masks for women. Montagne's skincare line had one section of masks for women that was more expensive yet had similar ingredients to the men's section - so I opted for the man version.

The mask looked appealing given how happy the model looked on the package and it's promise of getting rid of my grime after "a lads night out".

The instructions were to splash some water on a dry and clean face and then apply the scrub. Let the scrub "chill" for 10 - 15 minutes and then shower it off.

Surprisingly, despite the weird packaging and anonymity of the brand, the Moroccan Lava Clay and Charcoal Powder had a nice feel on my skin. There was a slight tingling sensation for me but nothing drastic.

Overall, this product wasn't actually that bad and for the cheap price I would be open to trying it out again. I also loved the idea of showering it off instead of a rinse. I think the combination of a hot shower and the charcoal of this mask worked well for my skin.

All in all, these were some pretty great masks!

I recommend trying out the L'oreal Mineral Clay as well as the Maska Collagen Gel !

Happy shopping and have a wonderful Friday <3

- Oshé


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