Mink 3D Lash Review

A beautiful company, Sek Se lash, sent me a few of their Luxury 3D Mink Lashes to review! Overall, the quality of these lashes are amazing!

I've tried various lashes from the drugstore as well as more expensive lashes from Sephora and MacCosmetics. Sek Se lashes are on par with the higher end premium lashes I've tried. The lash band is thick, and true to the looks displayed on Sek Se Lash's website (click here)

They currently are $30.00. And with my discount code (OSHE) additional 30% off all orders . Quite a steal for premium quality mink lashes. Understandably the pricing for Mink Lashes throws some people off for purchasing these lashes as it can be high. However, with these lashes you really do get what you pay for in terms of quality.

I highly recommend, that all of you take advantage of the discounted pricing and use my promo code and try out these lashes. Yes this is a sponsored post however, I chose to review these lashes after I tried & tested these lashes on my own. The quality and extensive range of lashes available is really great with lashes that can be worn for daytime or nighttime looks.

These lashes can be used multiple times (25 + use times) and there is a lash care guide on the website on how to apply and remove the lashes in order to receive the most use from these beautiful lashes. They are also cruelty free lashes and handcrafted.

The packaging is simple and classic with a white case inclosing the lashes. I've chosen 3 styles for review: Jenna 04, Kim 48 and Chelsea 14.

Chelsea 14

| see here |

These lashes match a very "out on the town" look. They work perfectly with a heavier makeup look.

You're eyes will pop wearing these lashes with a full and thicker band width. This pair doesnt have any unnecessary spaces in between the lashes - a look that is mostly unavoidable with cheaper/synthetic lashes.

Jenna 04

| see here |

These lashes are very wispy and remind me of wearing the infamous "Ardell Wispy" lashes. The length and cross of the individual lash provides a natural, flirty look.

Great for a subtle lash look that still has impact and looks noticeable and pretty. These lashes would be great for everyday wear!

Kim 48

| see here |

The Kim lash is extremely voluminous and great for an extravagant night out or a special event. These lashes are perfect for any exaggerated/dramatic makeup looks (example: drag makeup, pin up doll looks, halloween etc.)

The cotton band is nicely curved in order to provide a seamless transition with your own lashes - ensuring that the Kim lashes don't appear too fake.

These {are by far} my favourite pair of lashes! I love wearing lashes that really pop so these were the ones for me.

I'm wearing the Kim's below, and I highly recommend these for anyone who loves to go out downtown and make heads turn!


- Oshé


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