How to Style White Pants

I've created a new series on the blog titled How to Style. I want to show my way of styling basic/classic items found in nearly everyone's wardrobe. The first edition of this series begins with how to style white pants.

White pants are great for adding some unique flare to your outfit, brightening up a look or creating balance to an all white look. Not many people wear white pants so I thought I'd show some ways I've styled them!

The pants I've chosen to style are white trousers that are tailored at the bottom. You can choose any type of white pants and substitute it to get a similar look.

Enjoy! xx

How to Style White Pants

LOOK one

| Neutral White Tones (Accessorize) |

Faux Readers - ALDO

Beige Top - Vintage Store

Cardigan - The Gap

Trousers - Value Village Thrift

Shoes - KEDS

LOOK two

| Blues and Denim and Patterns (Textures)|

Denim Jacket - Forever 21

Stripped Turtleneck - Vintage Shop

Trousers - Value Village Thrift

Shoes - KEDS

LOOK three

| Dark, Edgy Statement |

Leather Jacket - Forever 21

Black Turtleneck (Half sleeve) Top - Sirens

Trousers - Value Village Thrift

Shoes - KEDS


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