Lip Sense: " Kiss Proof " Lip Colour Review 💋

Lip Sense: " Kiss Proof " Lip Colour Review

I was sent these amazing lip products by a company called Lip Sense by SeneGence International! The lip colour and moisturizing gloss are meant for babes who want the "glam lip life" AKA: kiss proof, water proof, smudge proof, 18 hour lips 💋

Of course, being a makeup hoarder and a lip junkie I had to check it out so I chose a colour off their site (

The application process is a very specific one in order to make sure the colour goes on correctly and delivers on its long lasting results. Here is a link to the YouTube video on Lip Sense that I followed:

The colour in these pictures is called "Mulled Wine" which is a very deep berry/purple colour reminiscent of red wine! I love the colour and how great it looks on darkskin tones.

Along with the colour I was also sent a moisturizing clear gloss to go on top of the lip. I absolutely loved this as it instantly smoothed out the fine lines in my lips and made the lip colour softer.

{Mulled Wine by LipSense shown}

Overall, this was a simple review to make because as long as you follow the instructions (which are kind of tricky but not impossible to get right) you will love having this long lasting lippie in your makeup gear. I did have trouble applying it on the middle of my lip as it would not stick! I fixed that by adding another layer of Lip Sense and then using my NYX lipstick in "Sugar Plum Fairy" to make the colour pop more. I only kept this on for about 10 hours on my lips with one retouch! I am used to layering different products to get my desired look and the end result (as you can see) was very nice. Plus that NYX lippie is SUPER cheap (a must have!)

If you want to try out this pretty cool product feel free to email and they will send you the product with only a $3.00 delivery charge! It's a cute product ~

Hope you enjoyed! See you next blog post 💖




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