Walking into 2019 like...✨

Wishing everyone a happy new year today! Wow - 2019...I can't believe we are so close to 2020. When I was younger, I hoped that by the year 2020 the average family car would be something that flew and I would be swimming in cash. Although this past year didn't quite lead up to any of those dreams 😅2018 was definitely one for the books!

This year, like every year, I want to push the boundaries on my own style and create looks that truly resonate with what I'm into this year. The first photoshoot of 2019 was inspired by my love of old Hollywood actresses and American fashion designer Karla Deras. It's a feminine look with a prominent cowl neckline, statement gold earrings and a vintage clutch I found at Elsie's ♥️


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